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Pep guardiola should bear the responsibility, but this is not all the fault of pep guardiola, more not adhering to the tactical fault of pep guardiola.


Bayern Munich, real Madrid, 0 to 4 0 to 5, two round guardiola coaching bayern Munich shame left the stage of the champions league 2013/14 cheap jerseys season, the score like Barcelona 2012/14 season shame. But when people think soccer ball is lost, I think, not to lose possession football itself fault, but the football didn't completely.


Analyse: the tangle of pep guardiola


If the bayern Munich and real Madrid, two leg is divided into four half my grade bayern is: 6 points, 1, 0, 1.


Six points in the first half, because bayern and control the situation, the pressure of real Madrid, pep guardiola's side playing guardiola familiar with football. While real Madrid have several opportunities, but not to kill the cheap jerseys games and cristiano ronaldo in the box before finish higher than I think the chance is not an absolute, the other is a small Angle shot from di maria is a great opportunity, the other is ordinary opportunity. Bayern the half-court ball, 417 times, possession rate of 79.3%, the passing rate of 92.8%, this is for real Madrid to breathing side of the field. This is the football pep guardiola.


The essence of the ball, is not to control, but in oppression. So when you despising the ball, first think about it, what you see is the ball is not good, bad or oppression. The second 1 minute, gave up the oppression, bayern played without a cheap jerseys, can't understand this is the appearance of a desire to go to the final team, the team ball rate fell to 63.3%, the passing rate fell to 84.7%, passing down to 294. This is the opaque half-court, don't know what happened in the locker room, why guardiola deny yourself, what makes him.


The third 0, 0, is that the team threw three balls. The first two lost the ball was defending from set-pieces, coach pep guardiola in Barcelona, has done is not good, but the cheap jerseys team has congenital disadvantage, bayern should not indeed, problem is this player's attention. Single ball responsibility mainly in the players, the coach needs to bear the whole loss of responsibility. Fourth 1 minute, because the team have so a little bit in the style of pep guardiola, oppression, continue to attack, wide and combination of the area, this is his familiar offensive repertoire, the team also hope to see a little bit of goal, but these efforts are not enough.


Last night's two halves, as well as in the second half of the first round, pep guardiola football no reflect, it is not his familiar to do, he did not know in the case of the team control the midfield play. He does not know how to like jose mourinho in on-the-spot suddenly adventure, he will do from the cheap jerseys game 1 minute risk of oppression opponent is on the offensive, but he didn't do that, his struggle.